Here are just a few of the comments that I have received from my customers.

I went to see Dave and it has completely blown me away

“My partner saw David a few years ago for his fear of spiders, it worked! And he suggested I go to see him for my crippling fear of snakes, I said no as I didn’t think it would be possible to get over that, I thought snakes were far more terrifying than spiders and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than sitting in a room talking about them, (at this point I couldn’t even look at pictures or see them on the tv without having an adverse reaction). Then my dog Sam got bitten by an adder right in front of me, and it was my fault, I saw the snake, I was petrified screamed and ran away on instinct, my dog who is a sweet curious boy came to see what the fuss was about and BAM bitten right on the nose. My fear put his life in danger and I decided that was never going to happen again. I went to see Dave and it has completely blown me away. I can now watch snakes on tv without flinching, pictures no bother, we even saw a snake again this weekend and I go “oh look there’s one” pointing without an ounce of fear, mostly shocked by my lack of reaction. Me and my partner highly recommend Dave to everyone.”


I cannot thank him enough

“Having spent 30 years with a debilitating fear of flying I was given a recommendation to see David. I was due to fly to Australia to see my son and was willing to give anything a go as the thought of being on plane for 24 hours was daunting to say the least. Having met David who immediately put me at ease and made me feel anything was possible and having had a few sessions felt ready for my four flights. I cannot express strongly enough how amazing the flights were and at no time did I feel stressed or worried and I actually enjoyed all of the flights and even watched the planes take off and land via the cameras fitted to the outside of the plane. I cannot thank David enough for what he has done to my life in respect of flying I can only describe him as a miracle worker and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank him enough and would highly recommend his services for anyone who has a phobia or fear of anything.”


Professional, sensitive and non judgmental

“David’s helped me a lot with anxiety after a long terms illness. I relax just at the sound of his voice. He always makes me feel safe and that I can trust him with my anxieties. I’ve stopped having panic attacks since seeing him. He’s also helped with trauma, sleep, flying and confidence. He always responds thoughtfully and quickly to my emails. David is always professional, sensitive and non judgmental.”


Thanks to his help I am overcoming the trauma and returning to the joy of driving

“David has a very friendly, yet professional manner. In my experience, he listens attentively and handles difficulties in a caring and sensitive manner. He is effectively helping alleviate anxieties I’ve had following a serious car accident. Thanks to his help I am overcoming the trauma and returning to the joy of driving I didn’t expect to experience again. I’m so happy and impressed with the rate of my improvement with him. I highly recommend David.”


I would not have been able to do this without the hypnotherapy from David

“I started smoking again after a 13year break, due to stress. After 18 months I was fed up . I wanted to stop smoking, but had no incentive to do so. I decided to try for the first time, hypnotherapy. David was recommended as a local hypnotherapist so I rang him and had an appointment quickly sorted. I had two sessions , however can honestly say I was cigarette free straight after the first session. I have not smoked for over 2 years, not even wanted a smoke when having a night out. David said that all I had to be sure about was that I really did want to quit , I did and it worked. I would not have given up without his help, that’s a fact. I am writing this review belatedly, as today I went to David for hypnotherapy to help me with a recent anxiety issue, that is course work related. The anxiety/ worry has stopped me in my tracks and it needed to be resolved quickly as I have a deadline. After the session, I felt so much improved, a weight lifted and a return to my usual robust , get on and so it attitude…that I have gone into Uni, and dealt with outstanding issues. I would not have been able to do this without the hypnotherapy from David, that’s a fact too. Diolch David.”