Lose Weight

lose-weightHypnosis can help you:

  • Change how you feel about food
  • Adjust perceptions around eating so you really enjoy the experience, feel fuller quicker and eliminate bingeing.
  • Eliminate or reduce certain foods in your diet
  • Increase your motivation, self discipline and will power
  • Make shopping easier so you make better choices about what you buy
  • Help with emotional eating, especially those times late at night
  • Increase your self esteem, confidence and reduce stress
  • Eliminate negative ‘self talk’

Obesity is fast becoming a global epidemic with the links to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke quite well established.

Gastric Bands the solution?

Many people seeking hypnotherapy will be enticed by the hypno-gastric band, which is quite popular at the moment. Many individuals receiving a gastric band through surgical intervention have reported feeling incredibly ill after they have attempted to eat large meals and complain that their quality of life has been reduced due to the fact they are only able to eat tiny amounts of food at a time to avoid becoming ill, for the rest of their life.

A safer and enjoyable alternative

The hypno-band equivalent, is a series of 4 to 5 sessions in which the hypnotherapist will make suggestions to the unconscious mind that it is having an actual operation which will result in the stomach feeling fuller from food quicker. This approach doesn’t address any of the emotional aspects of why someone is eating too much. People are attracted to the idea of a quick and easy fix and the hypno-gastric band sounds like just that. They also heavily rely on promoting BMI measurements to encourage people to seek help. Professional rugby players are considered obese by this method and are some of the fittest athletes in the world.

Through hypnosis

The best way to tackle weight problems with the assistance of hypnosis is to use hypnosis as an adjacent tool to increasing motivation, self discipline and will power to achieve the goals you want.

With a wealth of knowledge around nutrition, exercise and motivation we aim to provide you with the right tools, to utilise your own resources to complete your goals…